Meet the Team

  • Staff of Min Turn Makers


    Meredith turns pens and makes the majority of the pen blanks and non-lathe projects. She is the ideas person and loves wild colors and sparkle.

    Favorite Pen: Cigar

    Current Pen: Slimline Pro Click (Rainbow Colored Alcohol Inks)

  • Staff of Min Turn Makers


    Alan turns pens, bowls, bottle stoppers, pepper mills, and a variety of other projects. He also does a great job of keeping the dust collector clean and the tools sharp.

    Favorite Pen: Jr. Gentleman

    Current Pen: Jr. George (Buckeye Burl Wood)

  • Staff of Min Turn Makers


    Furlough is the resident shop dog. She provides feedback throughout the design process.

    Favorite Pen: Deer Antler

    Current Pen: A Stick

  • Staff of Min Turn Makers


    Justin is the hand model in many of our product photographs. He has the nicest hands out of all of us.

    Favorite Pen: Hourglass

    Current Pen: Purple Sparkle Gatsby in Gold Plating