Pen Refills

A pen refill refers to the ink cartridge inside of the pen body that holds the ink. All of our pens can be refilled, so your new handmade pen can last you for many, many years. You can also switch up ink colors and refill styles by swapping the ink cartridge. Tired of black ink? Try purple! Want to switch from ballpoint to rollerball? Swap them out! Love gel writers? Get a gel refill!

There are few different styles and sizes of refills on the market, so you will need to know the size of refills that your pen takes. Even if you don’t know, it’s easy enough to figure out - just remove your refill from your pen and compare its shape, size, and style to the refill in the package. If you are still uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Ink pen refills are not an exotic item - they can be purchased from brick-and-mortar office supply stores, as well as major online retailers. There are even online shops that specialize in pen refills if you’d like something really wild, like orange ink.

Below are a few examples of some common refill sizes and videos of how to refill your pen.

a package of two blue parker pen refills


Parker pen refills are both a brand and size. The Parker company produces several differing types of ink refills, from ballpoint to ink bottles and everything in-between. A few other companies also produce their own ink refills that are Parker-sized. A common pen refill size, these are easily obtainable.

a black cross pen refill


Cross pen refills, like Parker, refer to both a brand and size. A large company, Cross has many kinds of ink refills on offer, from ballpoint to ink bottles. A few smaller companies also produce their own Cross-compatible ink refills.

a blue fountain pen cartridge

Fountain Pen Cartridge

Used with fountain pens, these cartridges offer the convenience of ballpoint refills without the mess of inkwells. Fountain pen cartridges are offered by several manufacturers in a variety of colors.

a bottle of blue fountain pen ink

Bottled Ink

For the die-hards, bottled ink is available to refill your own ink pens. Bottled ink is offered by a variety of retailers, and may even be available from your local craft store. Bottled inks are offered in a stunning array of colors, so if you’ve always wanted to write in neon purple, bottled ink may be the way to go!

a mini d-1 pen refill

Mini D-1

A bit more unusual, the Mini D-1 refill fits mini ballpoint and multi-functional ballpoint pens. Not quite as common a size as Parker or Cross, you will most likely need to shop online for a Mini refill.

a package of schmidt 888 pen refills


There are unusually-sized pens out there, and for those, there are unusually-sized refills available. These also come in a variety of ink colors and writing styles (ballpoint vs. rollerball for example), and will most likely need to be purchased online from a specialty shop.