Why Shop With Us?

We get it: the internet is a big place, and there is a lot of choice out
there! Below are some reasons why we think you’ll enjoy your shopping
experience with us.

Handmade solid Maple and Bloodwood wood carved trinket tray heart piece from Zelda Twilight Princess

Support Small Business!

If supporting small businesses is important to you, it really doesn’t get smaller than us. It’s just us and our shop - no Big Pen here! We make all of our projects, take all of the product photos, maintain our website, and do all of our shipping.

In turn, we also support other small businesses. We purchase our wood from a small lumber mill in Dallas or a small mill in Michigan if we need something exotic. Our pen hardware is purchased almost exclusively from a husband and wife team in Wisconsin. Almost all of our sparkly colors are purchased from another small business owner in Florida.

About Us
Sudowoodo framed wall art

No Naked Wood Here!

All of our wood products leave our shop with some sort of finish applied so you can get many years of enjoyment from your project. Finishes help to protect and prolong the life of the wood and can reduce wear-and-tear. The type of finish we have used is typically specified in the product listing - if you ever have questions about a finish, please ask us! When you purchase from us, you can know that we have taken the time and extra step to keep your project looking good for a long, long time.

Blue and white striped resin fountain pen

We Make Our Own Blanks!

We make the overwhelming majority of our blanks in-house (the blank is what a pen body is made of). So if you like our resin pens but want a different color, we can do that. Maybe you like some of our patterned wood blanks, but would like them in a different species - guess what? We can do that! Since we make our own blanks, we are not limited to what’s in stock with a supplier’s catalog - your (and our) imaginations can run wild!

Pen Materials
Super Metroid energy tank cutting board

We Support Charity!

Every year, we support several charities through donations of our
projects to be used as fundraisers. We support: Games Done Quick, Frame Fatales, and RPG Limit Break. Through these organizations, money has been raised for: Doctors Without Borders; Prevent Cancer Foundation; Malala Fund; and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Giving Back
handmade multiwood click pen with chrome plating

We Reuse, Recycle, and Upcycle!

We use recycled and upcycled materials in many of our projects. We often shop from the cutoff section of our local sawmill, and use wood that would otherwise get tossed out. We are careful to minimize waste in our shop, and reuse materials when able.

handmade custom metal gear foxhound patriot pen

We Respect Your Privacy!

Should you choose to shop with us, we use secure payment processors. We hate spammy emails and texts, and you won’t be getting any of those from us. We don’t sell your information, hoard it, or give it to others. We only collect the information that is needed to complete your order and get you your project.

We like to show off our work, but we also have discretion - if you have a sensitive project, rest assured we won’t be blasting your details onto social media just to puff ourselves up.

handmade psyduck wooden push toy

Real People Here to Help!

We pride ourselves on our ability to help folks out. If you have a question about your project or need help, either Alan or Meredith made it (or maybe both of us!) and we can get back to you with an answer.

If you contact us, you will be talking to a real human being - not a recording or phone tree. We strive to respond to inquiries the same day or next.

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