Pen Materials

When it comes to making the barrel of the pen, only your imagination is
the limit as to what you can fabricate a pen from. However, we have
collected below the most common materials we use for pens.

A handmade wenge, maple, olivewood, and walnut wooden click pen on a black stand


The classic! A pen does not have to be limited to one type of wood. Oftentimes, several types of wood are combined for a contrasting effect.

Pictured: Multiwood click pen with gunmetal plating.

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A handmade green resin twist pen with gold and gun metal plating on a black stand


Color! There are so many colors and textures to pick from when coloring resin; the choices are almost limitless. Several colors can be combined for dramatic effect. Resin also takes a high shine.

Pictured: Green two-tone twist pen with gold and chrome plating.

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A handmade maple wood and blue resin twist cigar pen on a stand


Indecisive! For when you can't decide, there are hybrid pens of wood and resin. The many choices of color with resin combined with the texture of wood can lead to stunning results.

Pictured: Blue Resin and Maple Wood Twist Pen with Chrome Plating

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a handmade pen with hot water supply label and copper pipes near the click end of the pen


Endless variety! A label-in pen features a decorated tube surrounded by hard, durable clear resin. These pens have all of the strength and heft of a pure resin pen, but limitless designs can be achieved using a label-in technique.

Pictured: Label-In Union click pen with chrome plating

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A handmade white and black marbled trustone fountain pen on a black stand


Unusual! Pens are not limited to wood and resin - they can be made out of just about anything! Acorns, circuit boards, antlers, feathers, playing cards, stone...the list goes on and on.

Pictured: Trustone marble fountain pen with black titanium plating

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