Custom Orders

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We accept custom orders!

Maybe you can’t quite find what you are looking for in our shop, but you have a great idea. Please contact us and see if we can help!

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How does placing a custom order work?

Firstly, please contact us with a rough idea of what you are thinking. We will ask some questions to get a good idea of what it is that you want, and respond back with a few ideas. Basically at this point, we want to see if what you have in mind is feasible within our tooling/material/time/experience range. We want YOU to be happy with our work, so if what you have in mind is not something we think we can comfortably make for you, it’s best to figure that out early on in the process for everyone involved. No money is exchanged at this point - we are just seeing if we want to work together.

If after a preliminary discussion we all decide that we want to work together and we have a solid idea of what you want, then we get down to brass tacks with working up a quote and timeline. If your project is beyond our tooling/material/time/experience capabilities, we will be honest and communicate that.

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Please have a rough idea of what you want.

For that preliminary discussion, we are more than happy to pitch ideas to you about your project, but having a starting point is incredibly helpful for us. For example, do you like light-colored woods or dark-colored woods? Do you have a favorite color? How is this piece going to be used - display only, or daily wear-and-tear? We might be good makers, but we are TERRIBLE mind readers. This is YOUR project - don’t be afraid to have some opinions! We want YOU to be happy with your project, so a little guidance about how to make you happy is appreciated!

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How much is a custom order?

No two projects are the same. Difficulty, complexity, time needed, and materials are all going to vary costs. For an idea of the costs of some of our projects, I recommend visiting our shop. Please keep in mind custom orders will likely cost more than similar items in the shop, because we are making that item especially for you using your design constraints.

Once we agree on a quote for a custom order, we will send you an invoice. Typically, custom orders are 50% of the quoted cost due upfront prior to work, and the remaining 50% due upon completion, unless otherwise noted. Work will not begin until that first 50% has been paid

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How long will a custom order take?

How much time a project takes depends upon material availability,
complexity, and our current workload. We will do our very best to give you a realistic time estimate of how long it will take as part of the initial quote process, and we will stay in touch while we work on your project with updates.

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Will I get updates throughout the process?

Yes! As we make progress, we will provide relevant updates and pictures if applicable. Again, we want YOU to be happy, so if something is not shaping up quite as you envisioned, we want to be able to correct that while able.

Before we collect final payment and send your project to you, we will send you final pictures and a description of your project to make certain you are pleased with the final result prior to shipping.