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Blue Racer

Blue Racer

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A blue variation of the black and white checkered flag at races, this bolt-action pen features several automotive racing details. There is a tire motif at the top and bottom of the pen, and the ink refill is extended and retracted with the shifter knob. The spring of this pen is very stiff, which gives it a very satisfying feel when the refill is extended. This pen is quite weighty and solid, and feels great in the hand. A heavy, but medium-sized pen.

Each pen is handmade one at a time in our shop. All pens can be refilled with widely available ink refills. Regardless of material, each pen goes through a multi-stage sanding and polishing process to achieve maximum shine.

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Blue Racer Information

Pen Action



  • Chrome


High Gloss


  • Resin


  • Blue
  • White

Ink Color