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Smokey Zen

Smokey Zen

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Beautiful smokey gray slices are interspersed between a unique two-tone purple/blue shimmery base along the body of this straight-tubed fountain pen. Each slice of gray and purple is separated by a thin ribbon of highly polished aluminum, complementing the durable gunmetal plating nicely. The cap on this pen is magnetic, and can stick to the rear or front of the pen. The gunmetal plated cap also features a geometric hexagonal pattern along the top. This pen is equipped with a German Iridium tip that easily unscrews for ink refills. This pen includes a blue fountain pen ink cartridge as well as an ink pump, should you prefer to use your own bottled ink. This is a medium weight and short-to-long length pen, depending on if you prefer to post the cap when writing or not.
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Smokey Zen Information

Pen Action



  • Gunmetal


High Gloss


  • Resin
  • Aluminum


  • Purple
  • Gray
  • Silver

Ink Color